Hello fellow blogger/ reader.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek at my blogging arena.

Since you have shown your desire to know me a little more by pressing the ‘About’ button, it becomes my duty to briefly update you about the same with all smiles. And trust me, I am glad to do so. More than you think. More than you hope.

I am an 18 year old Indian amateur who writes to express, to bring a change. An ambrosial amalgamation of different emotions and personalities – a chemistry major by choice and a literature frantic by heart. Like every Indian child I, too, am blessed with a wide range of pseudo names (or precisely, ‘nicknames’). People on Instagram know me as “bibliophile_womaniya” for the die-hard book lover I am. Well, that reminds me to mention that I am a hard core feminist and strongly believe in subverting the patriarchal paradigm. You can e-mail me at : mamta.dagar1896@gmail.com

All your criticism and appreciation is equally welcomed. Please comment/ e-mail and let me know about your opinion on my posts.

Once again, thanks for sparing your precious time and going through my website. Have a good day! 🙂




11 thoughts on “About

  1. “Believes in writing to bring a change.” – You have the got the spark. Very wisely written blog. I am following you, and it is my support for you.


  2. Couldn’t guess from your past what’s coming for you in future,you are doing really a great work mona ,I have read all your post and they r fantastic


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