Without Complications

“I want to be a duck”, he says.

Questioning his sanity,
“A what again?”, I ask.
“A duck you know”, he smirks;
Pointing to a paddling nearby,
As if I was the one being stupid.
I have known him for some time now,
He is a simple person,
A person who believes in the ideal world;
A person finds it difficult to give up;
A person who laughs with his friends;
A person who wants to fall in love;
A person who wants to travel;
A person who wants to read;
A person who is curious;
A person we all know;
A person we all are inside;
I am looking at the ducks,
From a distance now,
Quacking their way,
Looking for food,
Minding their own business;
I would rather be something more pretentious,
You know like a hawk or an eagle,
Finally deciding to be a crab,
I mock him,
“Go ahead! Live without ambitions.”
He smiles and says,
“I don’t know,
I was just aiming for something without complications”.


3 thoughts on “Without Complications

  1. Hello,
    Greetings from Shivam,
    I accidentally visited your blog and I hope fate has many more of such accidents in its bag .
    Your stuff is just outstanding.
    I hope we can collaborate some day.
    Looking forward to many more of such crafts.

    Liked by 1 person

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