It is very often that you look at a picture, admire the beauty within the fence of the frame, congratulate the photographer and move on. With the DSLR captured pictures in trend, it is very rare that a photograph in minimal pixels grab our attention. And recently, such a rarest possibility has had me hooked for a very long time.


Who is she? Perhaps a mermaid’s gift tossed forward from the depths on a tranquil shore, or an ebullient elf’s blissful creation on a gloomy day. One glance at her cheerful face and you want to gulp the elixir of happiness she radiates. She is that source of potent energy which reimbursts every fallacial nerve and brings to life newly formed cells. 

I have never met her and, she, is completely oblivious to my existence. Still, we are united in our worlds unknown to each other. 

That is the power of a captivating face, my friend.

Having left an indelible imprint on this impressionable mind, she is my very own special doze of dopamine; the one sending signals between the synapse of two hearts. And, this, is my salvation. 


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