Under the shadows of the rising moon;
Two pairs of hands delicately hold one another.
For them, they are each others boon;
The two angels just so happy, so glad to be together.
Staring into the apple of each others’ eyes,
They give an adorable smile .
Hearts brimming with love,
Together they sigh.
There is no reason to look back,

None to rewind.

Such is the power of love,
Mind it, it will become your meditation;

They no more seek salvation,
They are the conquerors of eternity,
For love is their obedient servant,
“Made for each each other”

“Belonging together”

“Forever and always”

Cliched phrases of the modern world.


There is a long way to go,

Past the obstacles of ticking time.


They thank the heavens,

And, say how divine is fate;

As for now,

They have found their,

Sacremental Soulmate.


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