A Metaphorical Recipe.

Hand scribed fragments of ideas splurged onto the page in unsaturated, incoherent mess, yet delicious! Wondering how? The potent flavor of an ingredient named ‘imagery’ is the soul of this recipe. For me,  words are like food. Chew on them, let them roll around in your mouth and see the aroma they are capable of emanating.  Let them dance over the tip of your tongue and you’d want to savor every morsel. Slowly. Deliberately. Sweet, bitter, salty, sour- Whatever be the taste, we eat them anyway. Not because it is a necessity, but to explore the intravenous portals to which imagery serves as a key. Sometimes they’re rich.  Delicious in a manner which makes our tongue demand for more.  Then a little more. We are left craving for this heavy doze until every sensation in our body is coaxed from the rounded syllables and every flavor licked clean. And then in that momentary lapse of sanity, completely satisfied, the realization dawns: The meal was served with a connotative dessert which would be hard to digest. And isn’t this the beauty of words? In a nutshell, I cannot fathom a world which lacks the fragrance of imagery. It would make it tasteless in ways better incapsulated within our caged imaginations and not unleashed to spoil our sumptuous recipe, a metaphorical recipe.


9 thoughts on “A Metaphorical Recipe.

    1. Hey!
      I just read your post and I couldn’t have agreed more. I am glad by the coincidence, though. Both of us wrote on the same topic, on similar lines at the same time. *chuckles* I would love to hear more from you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me being magician with compliments!! its an over statement:) my team and friends tell i am a miser when it comes to compliments, and when rarely i do compliment, they say i am very bad in doing so.

        i will show your comment to all of them.


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