Compulsive Preoccupation.


While reading the tantalizing thriller Gone Girl, when I came across the initial situation where Flynn convinces the readers that Hilary Handy is much more than Amy’s sidekick Suzi, and in fact obsessed with “Amazing Amy”, I could relate. Not that I am as amazing as Amy Elliott Dunne (Neither I want to be), but because I am aware of the presence of someone with whom I can totally fit into the picture. She might conceal her intrinsic ghost-follower-self publicly. She might even be able to create an ‘image’ for her. But plagiarism imbued in one’s personality can transmute personal relationships. Like it did for us. Broken friendships seldom mend.

Giving birth to something that’s already behind the times always leads to an inferior version of the original. Walking our own path and stretching our own trail will not only enhance our work but give us a wide exposure towards the potent heritage of the world. While I agree that in the realm of literary arts finding something as pristine and undiluted as originality doesn’t exist, but while writing our life’s magnum opus we can definitely aim for novelty. I staunchly subscribe to the position that the best way to flourish as an individual is to fertilize the imagination by cross-pollination and not sticking to the same flower. Learning to write a complex sentence by patterning one’s sentences on someone else’s syntax might seem a fascinating and easy option but there might come a time when decoding that syntax might become tedious and aiming for mediocrity might seem foolish. Hence, ditch the passive position. It is no way to live. And if “you” are reading this I’d suggest you to take mental notes on the same (one thing you are very good at).



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