2015- An Overjoyed Odyssey.

Two days into 2016 and my WordPress Reader is jam-packed with fellow bloggers’ posts about thanking/reminiscing all the good moments of 2015. Their stories, howsoever out of sync with my own life, inspired me. Inspired to see life from a different perspective. Inspired to spread smiles stalwartly. Inspired to pen down my own journey. A journey I call ‘an overjoyed odyssey’.

Photography credits : To the best girl at college, Monika! ^_^

If I were to call myself a starling in the yesteryears, I would now switch to addressing myself as a phoenix- A much stronger bird with a perspicuous poise. 2015 molded me beautifully into a more observant and focused person. In the past one year I have come across a plethora of constructive activities which have left an indelible imprint on my young, impressionable mind (not so young after all. I am 19) and diligently on my life too. The bona fide opportunities which came my way might have made me busy as a bee, but the nectar which sprouted from the erudite experience is just as sweet to savor.

The year began with accepting the Brunch Book Challenge of reading 30 books in 2015. With my score at 34, I am content to give in a handsome amount of time to productive reading other than the academics (I’m a science student after all.) You can check my Instagram for more info by clicking here. Besides the reading spree, my writing ventures have been equally successful. Though I might not have been very active with my blog but I wrote considerably for Eureka and Kitaab. Along with them I have the extra merit of getting my work published in three anthologies by Cypher Publishers namely, The Pursuit, Checkmate and First Love. Sounds regal, no?






Coming to personal relationships, I would say that they have withstood the test of time. I might be having a very few number of friends, but they are the ones who’re not just next to family but FAMILY indeed. If, by any chance, they’re reading this please note – stay forever for you people are the best part of my life.

To end with, the obtuse occasions in our lives might numb us with incongruity. But the moment we’ll bend to see them through an acute angle, the truth will dawn over ever so profoundly on each one of us and help us to cherish the past and anticipate the future.



11 thoughts on “2015- An Overjoyed Odyssey.

  1. I did not write about how 2015 has been for me, I did not even think about it much.
    Well, I am thinking about it right now and it has been an amazing journey. Good with bad, bad with good.
    I learned a lot about myself though.
    You on the other hand had great achievements. 🙂


  2. I like to write about the year cos I personally go and visit it later on and it’s good to know how I felt then and what’s the difference now. Don’t know if that makes any sense 😛

    Happy New Year Mamta 🙂 Have a good year ahead!


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