Surface Chemistry variations among a series of laboratory-produced biochars-MAMTA DAGAR

First attempt at scientific writing. Precisely!


Black carbon is one of the residuals of biomass combustion. When it is produced by thermal decomposition of biomass under limited oxygen and used to improve soil quality, it is referred to as biochar. The surface properties of biochar leads to its potentially useful properties including contaminant control and nutrient retention and release, is a well known fact. But the information that remains unknown is about the chemical and physical characteristics of biochar and the most appropriate method to determine them. Such information is needed to optimize the properties of biochar for specific purposes such as nutrient retention, pH improvement or contamination remediation.

Various surface properties for a range of biochar types were examined by three scientists – A. Mukherjee, W. Harris and A.R. Zimmerman for better understanding of how these properties were related to biochar production conditions, as well as to each other.

Among biochars made from oak, pine…

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