Are you a Meek-y Mouse? today’s dynamic world, where everyone is impromptu being a part of the so called mouse – maze (Read: rat race) and inanimately articulating their worth, it would be a mishap to say that the meeks will inherit the earth. It would have been a wonderful punchline in an 80’s or 90’s novel/movie but the 20th century embarks on badass theories, funky ideas and rebel individuals. Finding it hard to believe me? Just rotate your neck by a 360º angle and observe your surroundings. (Still struck on the 360º thing? Acha chalo do baar 180º ghuma lo, just like you do at the traffic signal.) You will find numerous illustrations which makes my theory valid.

The pessimists/ orthodox/ old-school types may argue that how is it possible to ensure that success will embrace the revolutionaries and not the ones who have meekly followed all the norms and protocols of the society, right? Toh bhai dekho. Its like thermodynamics. Nevertheless the change in entropy of a system is a state function but the surroundings ruins its innate desires to attain the state of perfect equilibrium. ( Arey waah! Listening to Salma ma’am works sometimes.) In simple words, howsoever diligent your pursuit might be but this ‘whore’ world will plot against your ambitions and divert you from your trail of enlightenment. Hence, obediently following the almanac the society has laid will do us no good. Rather, adapting to the change and by being the change one can hope for a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel. In Darwin’s words – ‘Its the survival of the fittest’.

In this era, which I label as ‘Bakchod Movement’, the demand of off-track thinkers, cranky entrepreneurs and crafty characters has shot up. You might be the most intelligent student of the class but the quirky, witty, clever, mediocre person would surely be your teacher’s favorite. ( Hai na? Ab haan bol bhi do yaar.) You never win a ‘Beg-Borrow-Steal’ competition by being a gentle, generous soul. Why do you think the badass boy or the gossamer girl wins the game every time? Or rather, why do you think they keep it as a competition in every fest, whatsoever? They are not fools trying too hard to imbibe within you that there’s more to the world than what you generally think of. And if you process it my way, the answer is right in front of you.

Hence, in a nutshell, you’ll land nowhere, or let’s say a virtual place called Nowhere, if you continue being the obedient, meek, gentle types. Its not just me who is professing these words. There are so many other people who think the same way. You just need to widen your horizon and look appropriately. And who knows maybe you’ll end up finding someone in your vicinity who loves being a game-changer and influences you to a great deal. Oh by the way, I am going to ‘People’s Tree’ – a perfect stop for all your funky and rebel shopping, tomorrow. Anyone wishing to join the Bakchod Movement can join me. NO? Then brace yourself Mr/Ms Meek-y Mouse!


5 thoughts on “Are you a Meek-y Mouse?

  1. True….in today’s world most of us are Meeks,,,,, m sure u are not one of them :-P…..this was another best of yours mamta…….loved it


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