Still Prefer to Hide…..


I see my life shaping up;
Through the darkness I am hiding inside;
Don’t assume I have a dark soul;
Because, it just prefers to hide.
I don’t pretend, I am not fake;
I am fire yet ice;
I have put everything at stake;
To win it all alive.
I plan an hour or maybe a day;
But, I don’t plan my life;
Let the chips fall where they may;
Because, plans are by unexpected defied.
I prefer company full of life;
But my mind in loneliness subsides;
I have faced failure and rejection (sigh);
And learned the lessons of my life.
Maybe one day when I declare my triumph;
And my mind swells in pride;
One thing I am pretty sure about;
My soul would still prefer to hide.

Life ought to be a celebration 😉


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