Deep thoughts


I don’t have big words, just deep thoughts;
I don’t know long tales, just short stories;
It ain’t about the ocean, it is about the rain;
It is not an epic, just a small verse;
I don’t describe ages, just little moments;
It does not matter how bright, but there is light;
Don’t know way round the corner, but I know how to walk;
I cannot paint murals, so I just draw caricatures;
Not long voyages, just small steps;
Not a sound sleep, just a sweet dream;
No salvation, just the purity of soul;
Shooting for the moon landing among the stars;
No big words, just deep thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Deep thoughts

  1. Hi Mamta,

    Long time you have been away, again. But I see your feet now and I guess you are doing well :)lol

    I loved your post which was full of deep thoughts.



    1. Hey Anoop!
      It felt great to hear from you, like seriously! And I am afraid you did not read the writer’s name below the title. 😛 This one isn’t written by me. My dear friend and co-blogger Peneloupe wrote it. I will convey your regards to her. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I didn’t know that there was a co-author to this blog. Well glad to know there is.

        Nice to meet you and the post was very thoughtful indeed. 🙂



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