Sorry, not sorry!

India is my country. All Indians are partially hypocrites. What?! You read it right.

Courtesy: Google
Courtesy: Google

Lately I have been suffering from dyspepsia after I read the LIVE debate on the Facebook page of an organization called – ‘Leaders for tomorrow’. The debates held on this page are basically a medium to provide a platform to the youth to put forward their views via comments and get them noticed. And I tell you, what a massive plethora of skillful copying some of the ‘enlightened minds’ of the country portray! They should be applauded for the same. And the rest who take the pain of composing something original are sure shot hypocrites.

The topic of the last debate was – ‘Role of cinema in shaping India’s youth’. The responses were a potpourri of ironies, contradictory statements, obstinacy and of course the word of the day-hypocrisy. The frequently repeated points which pricked me somewhere were :

  • “Movie makers use ‘item’ songs to fetch more audience.”
  • “Bollywood, today, represents western culture.”
  • “Harassment and rapes have increased because of free and western culture depicted in films today.”
  • “Parents should keep an eye on their children.”
  • “Directors should come up with movies like pk, Mardaani, OMG!, 3 idiots.”

My country is jam packed with strait-laced saints na? They preach such waspish words! And the probability of this being mere ostentation is quite high. Just look at the irony. They are the ones who are claiming that ‘item’ songs should be banned. But their dance performance in the next wedding they attend would be on all the chart-busters ranging from Chikni Chameli to Lovely. Double standard, right? “Parents should keep an eye on their children.” REALLY?? And when they’ll do, these people would be the ones commenting- ‘Parents should give more space to their children’ on the motion, ‘Do parents interfere too much in their child’s life?’ Sad! Moreover, when the filmmakers will come up with more biopics and movies based on social issues, they will be the first ones to say “Saalo ke paas kuch naya hi nahi. Wahi puraani storylines” And.. And.. And.. On the second and third bullet points, I’ll present my deep condolences to these great souls in a separate article.

Before putting a final full stop, a piece of advice for such noble novas:
Think before you speak. Do not barely blabber what society will label as right at that particular moment. Sit down, relax and ponder if your views hold significance in the long run. Ask yourself- ‘Will I contradict my own statements someday in the near future?’ If the answer is yes, drop the idea. It is better to get involved in a conspiracy than displaying hypocrisy. (Just saying xD)
Sorry, not sorry! *wink*


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