Is Modi becoming the next Manmohan?


Whenever I think about our Reverend Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, the election fever comes back with a blow – persuasive speeches, hotbed of discussions, pernicious comments etc etc. Amidst all this campaigning and election propaganda what grabs my attention is the slogan – “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar”. It actually became a trend to post facebook statuses and tweet with the hashtag #AbkiBaarModiSarkar. From ‘Modichoor’ ke laddoo to ‘Ache Din Aane wale hain’, the Modi Mania was at its peak. And now when finally he is elected as the PM of the largest democracy of the world, the question which pops in my mind is – What next?

Every Indian ( and maybe some foreigners too ) is aware of the pertinacious mockery and jokes cracked on our former PM’s silence. Throughout his term of service, he was busy keeping a ‘maun vrat’ which only broke on Independence and Republic Days. I have heard that silence is the biggest weapon a man can possess but it makes a person Man-se-Mohan was unknown to me. Thanks to the beautiful and silent illustration in the form of Mr. Singh.  And I am open to the idea of using the sentence – ‘The place was as quiet as Manmohan Singh’ instead of ‘The place was as quiet as a graveyard’ if I get the opportunity to write horror genre someday! Jokes apart. What I’m basically trying to pose is – Is Mr. Narendra Modi following the footsteps of Dr. Manmohan Singh? Though this is very early to say but Mr. Modi’s silence on three occasions, when his voice should have been heard loudly and unequivocally, is a little unsettling. It is not enough to form a conclusion but it is sufficient to sound a warning.

The three cases are:

I’m aware Mr. Modi referred to the first two in his inaugural speech at Lok Sabha. But it lacked in strong condemnation. To use an old cliche, it was both too little and too late!

It was a God-given opportunity for the personage to tell the extremist fringe of his supporters that he will not tolerate such acts. Had he been prompt to condemn, he would have sent out a powerful message about himself. Alas, his silence only aroused old doubts. The Kerala arrests touch on Mr. Modi more directly and here his silence is more perplexing. This incident is a clear attack on freedom of expression. I would have expected the Prime Minister to immediately distance himself from the Kerala police action, criticize the high-handed arrests and demand the cases be dropped. Once again, that would also have been the politically astute response. But all we got was silence!

Addressing the PM, I would say:
Sir, no doubt you started with a bang by igniting hope in many Indians of a better life. From speaking of inclusive, accountable governance to promising a freer hand to bureaucracy, many of your moves have resonated well with we Indians tired of a rudderless government mired in corruption scandals and whose indecisiveness had left more than 700 major industry projects in limbo. But I cannot deny the fact that your perverse silence on vital issues raise questions that detract your impressive start. So brush aside the pings of doubt in our minds by speaking and taking actions against such mishaps. Arey Modi ji, ABKI BAAR BOLO YAAR!


7 thoughts on “Is Modi becoming the next Manmohan?

    1. Its good to see that despite living abroad you are concerned for your country’s well-being. 🙂 And yes, of course, as I said in my post: we need to give him some more time.


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