My debut award: Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Award.



Hello everyone. Happy Friday!

Right at the moment what clicks in my mind is Dr. Tanvi Gautam’s tweet – “When you don’t crave an applause, and don’t fret over the critics, you do your best work.” And maybe that’s why I have a handsome audience which reads and appreciate my writings regularly. When I started my blog a month back, I was totally unaware of the award culture on wordpress. For me, The Crafty Corpus was always a medium to voice efficaciously among the masses. But after this ‘Sunshine and Versatile Blogger’ award, it seems that an elf has poured some elixir to boost my confidence to write more.

I would like to express immense gratitude towards the person who found me worthy enough to be entitled with such a humble gesture – Anoop sir. I wish I had something much greater than a ‘Thank You’ to respond to his mellifluous act. I am a big fan of his articles and they are a great source of inspiration for newbies like me. His brevity and incisive language makes me appreciate his work a lot. And if you’re looking for some wonderful poems, then, he is just the person to approach and explore. Do visit his blog.

The rules of the award are as follows:

  • Answer 10 questions which I answer.
  • Thank the person who nominated.
  • Nominate 10 deserving bloggers.
  • Place the award on the blog. 

Now here’s a list of the questions which I was asked to answer. Simple questions with truthful and not-so-diplomatic answers.

Favorite food: I am a foodie. So it explains that I love every meal. But to choose one, home made Rajma Chawal are the best.

Favorite actor : My love for the Hindi cinema of 80’s and 90’s is perennial. ‘Govinda’ is my favorite as he can do justice to every role he plays. 

Favorite TV show : I like many but ‘Sadda Haq’ has no match. I love the way how Durjoy Datta ( writer of the show ) portrays the difficulties which comes in a girl’s life when she comes from a conservative family and chooses to opt for a career which is not so mainstream. 

Favorite tear jerker : None till now.

Favorite sport : Badminton.

Lucky number : 18. It has been very lucky for so long now.

Tea or coffee : None. I prefer milk over these two beverages.

Holidays : Every holiday.

Twitter or facebook : Facebook. I do not have a cell phone. So it is the only medium to connect with friends as none of them is on twitter.

Favorite Christmas movie: None.

And now comes the crux of this post as de riguer. I am not a dab hand in judging people based on their writing skills but as the norm goes, I’ll have to list a few. The following names/blogs strike me as they are cognoscenti in their particular blogospheres.

Hope you people like their blogs too.

Happy reading!



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