Through the Broken but…….Coloured Glass

The question of women emancipation came before me when I was in grade 9. There was an inter school debate organised on this topic. So here is something I wanted to add in my debate at that time but couldn’t  (sadly i was made the interjector instead of the debator).

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I just don’t agree with the general view that only women working in multinational companies speaking fluent english, dressed in formal attires are emancipated. In my opinion, the maid who works  at my house is emancipated. Why? Well! I have a solid reason.

I won’t disclose her name due to privacy reasons. So, let’s call her Sharmilla. Sharmilla aunty started working at my place about 10 years ago. Her family consists of her 4 daughters, a good for nothing drunkard husband and a brother in law. She lives on rent in this big city. She works daily in different houses as a maid. I have seen her toil each and every day of these 10 years. She is independent and emancipated. She does not depend on anyone and has educated all her daughters on her own. At present time, her eldest daughter works in a company, the two others are graduating from college, and her youngest daughter passed grade 12 this very year. The quality which I admire best in her is her self respect and dignity. I can say that she has dignity greater than many women working at high posts. She is the head of her family and it is because of her constant and never dying efforts that they have now opened a grocery shop as well. No matter how many jobs she has to leave bu she would never compromise with her self respect. She is aware and takes interest in every possible thing. She has political views and is not hesitant to tell them to anyone who would listen. It is always fun watching her discuss the latest film awards and cricket matches. She is an inspiration and a ideal to all those women who think they don’t have a control over their lives.

I say broken because I think if she had been given better opportunities she could have achieved even greater heights but I say coloured because she held the positive view towards life and moved over every hurdle she came across.

I call her successful even though she isn’t the face of TIME magazine, yet she has earned my respect.

So, good morning dear readers, because it is a Good Morning.

It’s show time ❤



6 thoughts on “Through the Broken but…….Coloured Glass

  1. Hey there!
    I remember that debate competition so well. How upset you were when you were appointed as the interjector. I represented the school being the debater speaking for the motion. And I can recall how much you helped me with my speech.
    Anyway, I have to agree that you have a solid illustration to prove your point. The maid here is truly liberal, emancipated and courageous. Though you didn’t mention about her husband’s reaction towards her appreciable acts, yet I can figure out that his male ego would surely be hurt. And that’s where she is on the upper hand. We have a number of significant victories if someone pays heed.

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