India’s Shame!


To begin with, I am grateful to a dear friend of mine for bringing this picture in my notice. If she had not sent me this photograph the other day, I wouldn’t have been able to share it here with my worthy readers. So here we have another case registered as a proof for India’s shame. And I must not hold this back- What a shame?!

Last week the hashtag #WakeUpAkhilesh went viral on twitter. But it is not only Akhilesh Yadav who needs to wake up from his deep slumber. According to me it should be modified as #WakeUpAuthorities , #WakeUpPoliticians or to be more accurate as #WakeUpMen ! When will these people understand that women are not a toy to be played with, not an animal to be treated brutally, not an object to be showcased and not even a pet to be tamed. They are human beings who should be loved, respected and treated fairly.

Now coming back to the picture, I would like to share the actual link which my friend sent me. .  This time I am not asking you all to have a look at the photograph as such. It is the same shameful scene which I have inserted here in my article. Just scroll down and look at the number of likes this post got. I mean WOW! Such a massive number of people found it worthy enough to be liked. Pity! I marvel at the height of ignorance they possess. What makes them like such an atrocious sight, I wonder. It was meant to be shared with a message addressing the wicked men or the government and not to be liked as if some actress is posing for a photo-shoot. When will India emerge as a safe nation for women is a question which still persists and will not perish until and unless some strict actions are taken to stop these heinous crimes.

Okay, one more time scroll up to look at the image. Noticed anything? Oh yes! I am talking about the character I circled there in red ink. Bhaisahab ko photo lene ki padi hai. Disgusting, isn’t it? This is where I think twice before saying – “I am proud of my country.” Instead of helping this woman by raising his voice in her favor, he is busy clicking pictures so that he can show the clicks to his friends and boast about being the ‘macho-man’ to be present at the site – LIVE! Thik hai bhaiya, jaisi aapki marzi. But don’t forget to mention that you were such a big coward who couldn’t help a victim of sexual assault. You were busy there watching the ‘tamasha’ and took pictures for free. And let me clear your misconception. Standing like a dummy and watching the unfair doesn’t makes you something like macho- man. Your endeavors to stand for the right makes you a real man in all perspectives.

So, in nutshell, we do not require a big revolution to alleviate India’s shame. We just need some small yet helpful steps to elevate its fame!


23 thoughts on “India’s Shame!

      1. The world cannot be a better place because our very own counterparts don’t want it to be a better place. As long as heinous crimes against women take a heavy toll on humanity, we will continue to suffer and languish. HOPE is all we can do at the moment. Do you have any better ideas? Please share. 🙂


    1. Seriously very very sad Anoop. But we cannot start blaming the new government already because it is just formed. We need to give them some time (maybe a couple of months) to take action. And if it fails, then it becomes clear that no Modi is our Messiah. We will continue to suffer not because it is our fate but because of the ignorance of the authorities. *sigh*

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      1. The first priority of any govt should be sort out internal problems. I hope the new govt does what is required. Look at UP for instance. So sad to hear about all this you know 😦

        As you said, lets not take the new govt for granted. Lets hope for the best.


      2. Indeed very heart piercing incidents Annop. And the UP case is such a shameful scene. I have highlighted the UP’s scenario in my this post. Do let me know if you agree with my viewpoint.

        Yes, lets hope for the best.


    1. I can understand your situation Sapna. When this picture was brought into my notice I was in the same condition. But certainly, we need to accept the fact that it did happen. Pity!


    1. I agree with you Lana But there are many cases which go unnoticed. And those which are highlighted just depict one fact that yes women are treated brutally today also. I also hope that one day the crime stats against women will have a downfall.


      1. Well, an answer which I can come up with for your latter question is: men think that because of such incidents they are proving their dominance on us. Whereas in reality they are losing their respect.
        And on how to stop it, we can only voice our opinions through articles and create awareness by publicizing our interests among the masses with a hope that atleast some men will pay heed on our issues. Rest depends upon the authorities as to how they deal with the security woes of women.


    1. Pavanneh, I too, can empathize with the feelings and trauma this girl would be going through. And it is so saddening to see that no one came to help her. And I don’t have an answer to your question. Even the authorities can’t answer this. We can just hope that someday we’ll come across less cases of sexual assault.


  1. Agree with you that there needs to be a change in mindset at the personal level, more so than on an institutional level. Politicians, police and the government are to blame as well but how many of us have the moral fibre to stand up in these situations? There seems to be a deeply embedded culture of minding your own business and not wanting to get into trouble.


    1. I am in complete agreement with your latter statement. People think that if they help somebody out of concern they will definitely land up being in a trouble. Have you heard of the recent case when ‘Nirbhaya’ happens again? Actor Varun Pruthi covered himself with fake blood and took to a busy Delhi street begging for help. And as expected, no one came to help him.
      Unless the police change their mindset, nothing is going to change. They give out advertisements to the public urging them to help victims of accidents and that they will not be persecuted but the ground situation is different.
      And as to your question that how many of us have the courage to stand up in these situations, I would like to mention that many people want to take a stand for themselves. But if the society refuses to treat them normally after the incident and probe them with questioning eyes, they’ll certainly lose self-confidence. And forget about the authorities. They are even worse at it. Don’t you believe that what I am saying is true? If not, then please elaborate your point. 🙂


  2. I can’t believe this happened…i mean it’s ridiculous tht a man just standing behind is instead of helping that poor grl is busy in taking her pictures… Such a shame!!!i dnt know when these blind people will wake up for there deep slumber…these are LIVING DEAD people..


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