You want a life?? Get One!!

“My life is a mess”… “I feel like a loser”……..This is pathetic…….. Blah Blah Blah!!

Each one of us has said these lines atleast once in our life . At some time point of time we all think “OMG!! I need a life” . Okay people! It’s time to get one. I have heard many of my friends complain that their lives suck. Well! Peeps the harsh truth is that life doesn’t but you definitely do(sorry for being rude).

So, here I have some simple, easy and safe tips for people who need them desperately. Don’t worry! They can be done at home and do not require any expert supervision.

  1. Kick out that pessimist inside you OUT!!


Yes! Kick him or her hard. I mean just get rid of the negativity you are brimming with. It’s time to show some faith in life. Once in a while, look around and admire the beautiful worls around you instead of frowning everytime.

  1. Do what makes you happy, Be the one who makes you smile……🙂


Follow this simple step and you will be bound to realise that man this really works. One more thing only positive people can make you happy. Plus you have your own free will. It is also necessary that all people will find their happiness  in the same thing. So, if your best friend has a different area. Please do not freak out.

  1. Do good, feel good!


Yes! One good deed and you will be smiling all day. Compliment someone, help a slum kid get quality education or offer a helping hand to your mom. You would never might be making someone’s day aand yours too. Ditch that ‘some one else can do that’ attitude. It’s pathetic.

  1. Pamper yourself.


There is nothing wrong in it. Yes! Believe it as soon as you can there is nothing wrong in takling care of yourself for a while and taking care of your needs. Do something which makes you awesome in your own opinion not in some shithead’s opinion. Take a bubble bath, a stroll, a yoga session,  a stylish makeover or whatever. But for god’s sake, show some mercy on your body as well.

  1. Learn to say NO


I am not telling you to stop helping people. Just don’t  push your limits too far. You don’t always have to be the FAIRY GOD MOTHER or FATHER. Moreover if you tend to help someone always he or she is sure to take you granted at some point of time. So, avoid such situations. Help, only if you can.

  1. Get a hobby…………..<3


Peace people I am not suggesting stamp collection because I know you guys are going to kill me for that. Do something which entertains you and exposes your hidden talent. You never know how your hobby can change your life. Well it is a good stress reliever nd brings that lost precious smile back on thy faces.

  1. Love your JOB


Last but not the least love your job. If you hate whatever you do, no matter what happens  you will always feel down. If you can never like what you do, change it!! I know it is not easy, but take the risk. Remember pals! WORK IS WORSHIP.

Sincerely  guys YOLO is not my idea of fun. Getting high on alcohol and cocaine is not fun. It is the destruction of your body, mind and soul. I mean it.

It’s show time. ❤


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