What’s in a name? The rhetoric of rape!

“Badaun case: Only 5 of 12 suspects held.”
“Meghalaya woman resists rape, shot dead by militants.”
“Haryana gang rape protesters evicted from Jantar Mantar.”
“Minor again found hanging from tree, this time in UP’s Sitapur district.”


Hold on! Hold on! I don’t intend to start this article on a dismal note at all. I am just giving my worthy readers a glimpse of the various cases reported in a single day columned by a prestigious newspaper, dated 5th June 2014. Recent stories! Rapes on the rise, eh? It is conspicuous ipso facto. Yet there is no hearing by the authorities.

Okay, leave this. Let me narrate an interesting incident. This week my cousins paid a visit to my house. One of my siblings was pressurizing my aunt to return to their place soon for she had to complete her holidays’ homework. Ye India hai bhai. Yahaan classwork se zyada homework milta hai. I offered her help like any concerned sister would do. Glad by my offer, she asked me to do her drawing assignment and write an essay on the topic- “The India of my Dreams”. I wrote a fairly good piece on the latter and gave it to her. I was happy noticing that how nicely I could sum up a twelve year old’s feelings for her nation. REJECTED! Yes, she rejected my piece . On asking why she said, “You didn’t write a single word on the rising assaults against women and on how can we masquerade them. News channels are flooded with new cases on the same. Still you didn’t mention about it. I want the India of my dreams to be more sensitive towards women. Write about it.” Flabbergasted by the conviction in her words, I could barely believe the fact that a twelve year old was saying this. A sense of pride rushed inside me. It was corny to see that today’s youth is taking interest in jingoistic matters. Anyway, the point I want to convey through the above illustration is: If a teenager is so much concerned about an issue so serious, why are the authorities and politicians taking it as a trivial matter? 

It seems there is some sort of competition among some Indian political leaders on who makes more derogatory comments about sexual violence against women. They are not at all helping the cause by their blatant statements. Actually, they can go to any extent to gain political benefits. They can justify riots, rapes or any other heinous crime. And there are examples of these from our recent past.

On this topic of politicians making ridiculous statements against women, I have always highlighted my ‘favorite’ netaji – Mulayam Singh. Well, sir, excuse me this time. Let others come into limelight too. They should also enjoy the privilege of being depicted as rhesus monkeys. Let me now quote the exact words of my new favorites.
Mr. Abu Azmi in a press conference said, “Women who have sex outside marriage should be punished”. Okay, cool! But what about men, sir? Do they belong to any other planet to be provided with carte blanche? Actually, yes! A lot of women have sex outside marriage. But we call it ‘BEING RAPED!’ And you need not punish them for the same as most of them punish themselves by suiciding for a crime they never committed.

And now comes the proud son of the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh- My dear, dear Akhilesh Yadav (current chief minister of the same state). His comment toh went viral on social media outlets. Supporting his father’s blunder comment he said, “Ye kaunsi badi baat hai? Google karlo rape par, hazaaro cases mil jaayenge.” (“Rape is not a big deal. Google it and you’ll get thousand of cases.”) Respected CM. Firstly, rape is not about statistics. Its about human emotions. And secondly, I seriously hope that no girl in your entire clan go through any kind of sexual assault. Because, if then, you or your father change your statements and demand for justice, then I’ll be the first person to find you and slap you then and there. And if you still adhere to your words then God save all the women in your family! Moreover, if my father had ever made such kind of derogatory comment publicly, I would have either asked him to apologize immediately or would have disowned him straightaway! I don’t understand what makes you support your dad so vehemently. Oh please! Now don’t give me this “Putra Dharam” shit.

Recently my dear CM obtruded by his news making verbalization. He said, “Some leaders are writing in twitter these days. I would have also asked my party leaders to do so. But is there anyone who can tell me the meaning of twitter in Hindi? If we don’t know its name in Hindi, how can we use it to get in touch with the masses?” His gobbledygook really makes me laugh so hard. Addressing him once again I would say: Do you know the name of football in Hindi? Then why play it. Do you know the name of cricket in Hindi? Then why to go crazy after Sachin. Do you know the name of Australia in Hindi? Then why did you go there to have your master’s degree? BUT.. You do know the name as well as impacts of rape in Hindi. Then why not create awareness against it by using your power and getting in touch with the masses?

Why don’t these netas understand that any such act by prominent public figures can send a wrong signal to people. Some people who get influenced by such actions then try to justify rapes as some trivial mistake committed in youth rage. These people might even expect the victim to pardon the offenders for whatever reason he offers to marry the victim after brutal rape and might even expect her to feel lucky that the guy is doing a huge favor to her.

In a world where male politicians are able to discuss loudly, publicly and confidently what sort of rape they would label as “legitimate”, the words we use to label the female experience are vital. For as long as so many women’s experiences continue to be those of suffering, sexualized violence and subjugation, the language we use to describe them will remain a subtle fundamental part of light.

And now the following message is for all those men who believe that by raping women they are creating a terror among us and are making us believe that we are the inferior sex.
Pick 100 cases of sexualized violence against women. 98 of them will plaster the word “GANG RAPE’. And you know what? That ‘gang’ itself proves your liability as a man because you dare not confront a woman on your own. Somewhere deep down inside you is a belief, a coward which says that if you approach her all alone, you’ll be smashed and thrashed by her. Arey jhund mein toh lomdi bhi sher ban jaaye. Aur tum log apne aap ko bahut badi tope samajhte ho? Waah beta Waah! Your parents would be so much proud of you, na?

To end, I would like to give an important message through these four lines:

Oh woman in our hours of ease,

Uncertain, coy and hard to please,

When pain and anguish wring the brow,

A ministering angel thou!




12 thoughts on “What’s in a name? The rhetoric of rape!

  1. Kash humare politicians ye article pdh le, toh definitely ek change aaskta h unki soch mein..
    A grand salute to u mamta..:)


  2. Mamta..!! :O
    When did u start all dis..??
    Pehle toh padh nhi raha tha but tune likha toh padhna pada..
    Salute mamta..!! 🙂
    Akhir classmate kiski hai.. 😀


  3. Hey Mamta,

    I am writing this comment as I read so that I can share my views on some of your points 😀 ,

    –A lot of women having sex outside marriage was funny but I understand the sensitivity too. Sarcasm at its best. Ek number (y)

    –If your father had made such comments… your father or any other common man cannot make such comments, except politicians. Because they are politicians. They are trained such a way. The minimum qualification to become a politician is not to respect humanity.

    –Politicians can speak out loud whatever they want, if people comment something on social media against any politician, either he is in jail or beaten up by the party goons.

    Very well written. I have also become a fan of your writing on social evils.

    Hope your words inspire and encourage women, and hope there is strict law against these social evils.



    1. Thanks a lot sir for visiting again and your kind views on my article. 🙂 You know what? Your appreciation can do wonders to boost my confidence and to improve my writing.
      I took a note of the points you mentioned and I am in total agreement with you. Who knows that someday any politician read my articles and put me behind the bars! And yes, I also hope that my words do wonders in the lives of some women and they, too, stand up for the cause.


      1. You write on social causes well. Any politician reading this would be offended because the truth content in it is high 😛 So you be careful.. heheh…(just kidding)

        I hope to read more of your posts in coming days 🙂


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and following. Hopefully with more awareness in the world as a whole to the problems women face we can help do something about it. I have to wonder as well what these men would do to their wives, daughters or sisters if they came home from being raped, much less gang raped. Tell them it is their fault? If women get pushed much more there are going to be repercussions. Women will start fighting back and men will not like how they do it. Bag of “nuts” anyone?


    1. Hey Pavanneh! Firstly I appreciate the fact that you’re giving in your precious time to create awareness by being in the pool. Secondly, yes they’ll tell them that it was their fault. Let me share something with you. There is this television programme by the name of ‘Heroes’ which I was watching yesterday. It illustrates true stories of women who are abused. In yesterday’s episode a women was abused by her so-called-male-friends. When she tried to complain to the principal, the lady herself put the blame on the girl for she wears shorts and thus provokes men. Disgusting, isn’t it? So when other ladies will start accusing a girl of being ‘improperly’ dressed and exciting men, what can we expect from men? Even worse!


  5. Very good research work on the subject and compilation. I like the beginning with first four news, and a pic and then telling all news belong to 5th June 2014 newspaper.
    However, ending was not very satisfactory as no solutions mentioned. Can you do another study on the topic, make another post that talks on solutions – simple, practical for the men and for the women. Exclude politicians or what media writes.


    1. Hey ywwp!
      I appreciate the fact that you openly told the good and bad points of my post. Will surely adhere to your words and will try to come up with simple yet effective solutions regarding the problem. Thanks for visiting.
      God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

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