Excuse me! Where are your daughters, gentlemen?

Ah! Very prudent of those who were quick to decipher that the title of this article is an adaptation from the speech of Kamla Bhasin, delivered on May 22 at a conference organised by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Bhasin, India’s veteran feminist activist, highlighted the biased patriarchal constraints by raising a noteworthy question at the conference. To quote, “Even after 200 years of democracy the US has not yet had a woman president. The family lineage continues. Bush senior, Bush junior. Kennedy senior, Kennedy junior. Excuse me! Where are your daughters, gentleman?”

Male chauvinism is no laughing matter. It is a disease of an underdeveloped mind and overdeveloped ego. And this reminds me of the Samajwadi Party leader, Shri Shri Shri Mulayam Singh ji. ( I hope you sense the sarcasm in those Shri‘s and ji ) Fully aware of the fact that rape is a heinous crime and it brutally hurts the victim not only physically but also emotionally, he makes a blatant statement by saying that ‘young boys do these type of mistakes ( read: rapes ) in youth rage and should not be punished very harshly for this.’ Our ” Reverend ” netaji, I am dubious as to what actually you were trying to imply.Were you trying to say that India is a patriarchy since ages and guys should be allowed to commit blunders OR do you intend to say that your testosterone-charged bodies lack self-control, so, you should be given flexibility by the law keeping your mental condition in mind?

Ye toh ho gyi Kalyug ki baat. Now let me illustrate something form our holy scriptures. Dushyant married Shakuntala, a beautiful and EDUCATED daughter of a wise sage, and left her at her father’s home when he was about to be crowned as the king, promising that he would definitely come and take her back. Shakuntala waited for him for years but he didn’t return. When this waiting game got on her nerves, she exploded with a diatribe on Dushyant. Shocked by her action, nearly all the sages blamed her education for such retaliation. And since then women education is considered piffle in Hindu culture. Though the scenario has improved a lot now, yet it lurks in many parts of our country.

And this where FEMINISM comes into picture.

Feminism isn’t about hating men and stripping them of every ounce of power they have. It’s about allowing everyone else who is discriminated, a chance at being treated with respect and equality. So yes, feminism does have the bias of women’s rights. But look at the history of this country- of this WORLD. Really, really look at it. If you still don’t see anything wrong, then I suggest you to slap yourself because that’s some fucked up shit!

A few days back I was scrolling my television channels when I abruptly landed on an interview going on CNN. A young fellow was saying, “Women hold all the power. They should use it like a whip, not offer it up like sacrifice.” Though I couldn’t recognize who he was, still he made such a deep impression on me with his statement. I must say I like him. Actually, the point here is- You need not be a women to be a feminist. Indeed, if you believe that anyone regardless of sex, gender, religion and ethnicity deserves an equal chance to pursue happiness and liberty, then YOU ARE A FEMINIST. Voila! Welcome to the club. And don’t be scared. You should be fucking proud to say that you believe in equality.

I am sure, by now, all the ‘White Males’ ( In case they are reading this ) may have started thinking, “Well, how does this affect me? I am totally on the winning side here. Why should I be a feminist?” Then I suggest you to please think again that why can’t you be a feminist? Do you prefer living in a patriarchy where sentiments of others are considered useless? Please think over. And if you put up that question on me, then here I have my answer:
I’m a feminist because I believe in living in a world where my hard work and efforts will grant me the same success as a man’s would. I’m a feminist because I want to live in a world where terrorists won’t kidnap a bunch of girls and threaten them because they don’t believe women should have a right to education. I’m a feminist because I want to live in a world where my daughters won’t be accused of being a slut if she expresses her sexuality in a way that doesn’t fit in a conventional mould.

Well, you must be thinking that I am brainwashing people to adopt feminism. To be honest, that’s what I am trying to do. We feminists get a bad reputation and are criticized and judged only by the angry personas people see of us. Whereas, in reality, feminists are lovely people who believe in equality and oppose patriarchy.

Before I mark a final full-stop to this article, let me leave you all with a quote. I have been discussing this with a friend for the past two days. Share your opinions on the same. It goes as:

There are two important days in a women’s life: The day she is born and the day she finds out why.



13 thoughts on “Excuse me! Where are your daughters, gentlemen?

  1. No doubt why you got 97 in English. This is amazing. The illustrations were so appropriate. We will discuss the quote in inbox. By the way, Congratulations. You succeeded in making atleast one person as a minor feminist. And you know who. Minor because it will take me some more time to absorb this thought fully in my mind. HATS OFF!


  2. Awesome, as usual..!!
    I am always speechless after reading your articles.. and hey, this is a non-stop talking girl who’s saying that! 😛
    So good job, yet again! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shri shri shri Mulauam ji should have considered how he would feel if it was his daughter that came into incident with the rage filled hormonal youngsters maybe then he wouldn’t want such less penalty for them! :/

    I am a pseudo-feminist… I do not always take sides of feminism but I like your post & how you explained and asked if these gentlemen have daughters or not… Seriously the world is a whole different place from a male’s perspective.


    1. Hearing from another feminist with similar thoughts on the same subject kind of boosts my confidence to take a poll on these netas who give blatant statements and disregard women in their own discreet way. I would love to hear more from you Hemangini. 🙂

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      1. I remember Sheela Dixit commenting that women shouldn’t go out late. I mean what? A lady can’t even go out with her friends or boyfriend or husband late because there are OTHER men out there who might think she s asking for it? short skirts and high heels are not whats wrong with our nation, in our nation tons of men think just because a woman is friendly and alone she is available for sex. Bloody *******. :/ It disappoints me and seriously I feel like there should be strict laws regarding women safety. Netas and babus se nahi hoga ye kaam.

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