Self love is all we need!


Are you cutting on your favorite meals to get those perfect curves? Do you often wish that you were skinnier so that you could feel beautiful? Are you tired of the world telling you that you are not good enough? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then I suggest you to please read this article. And if you’re already in the self love mode, then read it anyway.


Every time I hear a friend say that she is dieting because she wants to impress the guy-next-door, a part of me dies inside. Howsoever I try to pursue her, she gives me the same monotonous reply, ‘Bitch please! You are not corpulent like me. So don’t give me gyaan on what to do and when to do.’ Though I know she is splentic ( especially when I start on this self-love topic), yet I cannot acquiesce with her point just because she hates it. This compelled me to write a piece explaining my friend and all the other trend followers out there. And Ms. XYZ (see I am not mentioning your name meri dost), I am sure my ubiquitous efforts will definitely pay one day.

I distinctly remember after the release of  Jab We Met , every girl in the class was busy flaunting Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue, ‘Main toh apni favorite hu.’ (Except me of course! I saw the movie 3 years after its release.)  But how many of them actually meant it, I wonder. It sounds simple enough. But you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t apply this concept to their lives. They are busy questioning their own worth. Sad na? I know!


ImageOkay, I get it. Its hard to harness self love from within when we live in a world that constantly tells us we’re imperfect and that we will never achieve happiness in our current state. Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. Kuch toh log kahenge. Logo ka kaam hai kehna. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. And secondly, you are not a dog to react to every stone thrown at you. The person in life that you will always be the most with is you yourself. Even when you are with others, you’re still with yourself. And I am sure that I want to spend my life with someone who knows how to let things go, who’s not full of hate and who’s able to smile and be carefree. So that’s who I have to be. Now you better decide for yourself that with whom YOU want to spend the rest of your life- a callow whom anyone can deteriorate or a strong, mature person who knows how to deal with the toughest situations? 


To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

   ImageSelf love comes from within. It comes from a belief that YOU are good enough, no matter what happens in your life. It’s faith. Faith that what you look like on the outside doesn’t define how you are on the inside. People are scared to adopt this trait as they fear to be labelled as ‘narcissist’ or ‘vain’. You CAN be. If you let it. But loving and accepting yourself is a human necessity. Its just as important as breathing, drinking and eating. You’ve to love yourself in order to feel complete in this life. So here I’ve a few tips which may help you achieve the self love mode:

  • Remind yourself that you’re worth living. Many people tend to get insecure about themselves, when in reality we all are human beings! Always believe in yourself and be the confident, optimistic you.
  • Remember that you are a human because sometimes we feel like outcasts and weirdos. But that is just something that makes you unique. And to be human is to be imperfect.
  • Do what you enjoy. Go out somewhere, perhaps with someone. Or stay at home, prepare yourself a nice meal and settle down with a good book in front of a cozy fire, a fan or air conditioner.
  • Practice Metta Meditation. It will help you love yourself and others more.



Believe me or not. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. You can’t respect others if you can’t respect yourself. You can’t love others if you can’t love yourself. This trait of self love can definitely work as monosodium glutamate in your life. You CAN do it! I believe in you! So, Stand tall, smile bright and let them wonder what secret is making you laugh.

Its 2014. Its time we make some changes around here. 


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