Domination Forever!!


Probably LOVE and HATE, walk side by side,
And, somewhere together they do reside.
Somehow, one can dominate the other,
Now who dominates is a thing to bother.
They are with us from the starting of the day,
Have a look at them my way.
I hate the way you lie,
But, I will love all your lies till I die.
I hate the way you give your crooked smile,
But, I cannot see you sad.
So, I still love your smile.
I hate the way you make me cry,
But, later on I love it how to,
Make me smile again, you try.
I hate arguments they give me a fright,
But, I love them when it’s you I have to fight.
I hate to look at you, it’s too hard for me,
But, I love it when my eyes lock on you,
And you won’t set them free.
I hate it, when you try to become the mystery man,
But, I love solving your mysteries and mind it I can.
I hate how many unanswered questions stand tall,
But, I love it when you,
Make your eyes answer them all.
That’s how love and hate,
Follow me till the fall of night,
Who dominates???
(Million dollar question, alright!!) 
It has a simple answer,
And, it is going to change never.
Love dominates every time, every moment,
And, will continue to do so forever…….<3



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