C’mon girls! Its high time now.

A few days back I was having a casual conversation with a dear friend of mine when he hit me up with a noteworthy question- ‘Why do all girls behave in an unusual manner whenever I compliment them? Why do they have to end up thinking that I am interested in them? And the worst of all they start ignoring me from the moment I praise them for anything.’ Tossed by the question, I could have done only one out of the two things possible.Firstly, I could have sheepishly accepted the ‘fact’. And secondly, I could have given a spiel to him which would have been utterly specious. I chose the former option because somewhere down the line I, too, believe the same.

Let’s be real here- We girls have a tendency to get enamored and flattered by every laudation we get; then be it on anything from our hair to footwear. We just love it when anyone admires us. And if the person is a guy then, Woohoo! We are the most boisterous babe in the city. Exaggeration? No! Its true.

I remember a friend asking me two years back,’Who is Mr. so and so? He compliments on every picture of yours. Are you guys dating?’ At that point of time I may have answered the question by laughing and saying that he is my elder cousin but now if anyone asks me ( a girl in particular ), I would suggest you to please stand up. Bend your right leg backwards and raise it till your foot reaches the right level. Kick yourself in the ass. Heart patients and pregnant women, please abstain. Those who are planning to write to me saying that it is impossible to kick yourself over ‘there’, please remember that you will have to first admit that you actually tried it. What the hell make people (especially girls) think that every guy who is admiring any other girl is interested in them?

Let’s face the fact now. We girls ourselves put a huge collection of our photographs on social media outlets. We are the ones who want the world to see our new dress, haircut, pet, even the trendy nail paint we bought. We are the ones who fish for compliments from our peers. And when a guy genuinely admires us for he found us beautiful in that pink dress or the purple salwar-kameez, we tend to create a wrong perception about him. Why?

It just doesn’t make sense! It’s like boys have to be a victim of the wrong image we craft about them in our minds. Its an unfair advantage we have and it has to stop.

Well, I’ll refrain from using that ‘us’ now and switch to a better ‘you’ for now I want to address those women who lie in the category my friend mentioned. My dear houris, stop reacting like an impertinent to those men who sincerely found you pretty in that instagram picture or truly liked your views in the debate competition. He is not trying to flirt around. Neither is he looking up for a chance. He has other better things to do in life apart from impressing you. He is just giving you his call on the matter. And if you take him wrong and babble like,’Damn homie! Look at him playing the field!’ and start treating him like a philander, then certainly he’ll be forced to think like,’Oh hell naw, I ain’t getting near that.’ And the loss will only be yours. The comment count on your next display will substantially decrease. Now decide for yourself.

So, curb from thinking bullshit and don’t prove yourself to be a despicable one.


I know after reading this article many guys would feel like thanking me for writing on a topic so true. For some, it will be too rumbustious to mail me thinking that I’m also a girl. Relax man! You can go ahead and do so. Yes agreed, I’m a girl. I too fish for compliments. But obviously there’ll be a difference. I’ll definitely not take you wrong and won’t ignore you either. So go ahead! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 


9 thoughts on “C’mon girls! Its high time now.

  1. This happens with my friend a lot. Everytime some boy comments on her picture she dwells a misconception that he likes her. I’ll surely suggest this post to her. Good work. ๐Ÿ˜€


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