Say cheers to the woes and thanks to the bliss!

When things are bad it is the best time to reinvent yourself.

This weekend I paid a visit to my grandma’s house after four long years. Well, to be specific, my ancestral village on the outskirts of a busy sub-urb. Despite this sudorific weather, everything seemed pleasant. The lush green farms, folksy food, balmy sunsets and rhapsodic siblings. It was a normal visit which every Indian teenager will describe in a similar manner if asked to write an essay on. But my motive to pen down all this wasn’t to write an itinerary afterall. Rather, an incident forced me to sit down and type this philosophical topic. 



You all must be aware that how is everything treated in typical Indian villages. Every next person turns out to be a relative. So as a custom, I went to my dadi ki behn ki beti ki saas ki… ( Oh My! These relations. ) Okay leave it. Let’s assume she was my grandma’s friend. She was blind. On asking how she lost her vision she explained me the whole story. ( On which I’ll write another article. ) She said that she missed her good old days when she was normal and spent most of her time with her family enjoying nature’s bounty. Now she can see only the darkness and nothing else. On returning home, I searched for other cases and found young students who had their tales of painful woes. A sort of dejection took over my mind. I pondered how can these people spend their life in darkness? How difficult it is to face the world in this situation? And yet, how can they wear up a smile and live normally? 

And then I deliberated the words of saints who say that the Almighty has a plan for people born with disabilities. In their flimsiness, he can reveal his strength, goodness and elegance. Suffering provides an opportunity to find the supreme power. It gives a chance to live for God. It is despondency that offers the true meaning of life. And I can sum it up in these 8 lines:


To suffer woes which ‘Hope’ thinks infinite,

To forgive wrongs darker than death or night,

To defy power which seems omnipotent,

To experience bliss with feelings so ambivalent.


To love and bear to hope till ‘Hope’ creates,

From its own wreck the things that contemplates,

Neither to fake, not falter, nor repent,

Even exempting those who prove to be a serpent!


In life, we all experience sufferings in one way or the other. The scriptures tell us that we can’t escape from sufferings as these are essential characteristics of the way we lead our lives. But what is must is that we should realize the face that nothing lasts forever. Things always change for the better if we stay calm during the course of our painful times. And meanwhile if we get frantic and blame the Almighty, we will certainly get depressed and stressed out. In the words of Winston Churchill:
                To improve is to change,
             To be perfect is to change often.



Hence, we must lend a positive approach to life and mould everything in a certain manner which becomes a reason for our bliss. Happiness doesn’t require an event to occur. What is necessary is to have an insight and a watchful eye to sense it. For me the idea of just wandering off to the terrace and seeing where it takes me for a while, is just bliss. So, say cheers to the woes and thanks to the bliss! 





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