Appearances are deceptive.



Curly hair, sharp features are of no use to humanity if a person who carries them has a heart that doesn’t beat for the needy.

Eyebrows rose? Well that must be a scenario for people who know me personally after reading the title of this article. And if not the heading, then surely for the above quoted text. It seems very ironic for a person like me, who was always concerned about her looks more than any PCM book, to talk or write on a topic like this. Many must be wondering that why is that was underlined or what was that something which totally changed my perception? The answers to all your questions will be unveiled by the end of this text. I promise!

Appearances are mostly deceptive and hollow. Yet the human nature and tendency to be enamored by the facade, persists. A hairless hero, it seems, is a misnomer in Bollywood. Last week I was going through Yahoo’s home page and there was this news article which glued my eyes to the screen for almost 5 minutes. Shahid Kapoor, who goes hairless in his upcoming movie Haider faces the anger of his fans. And other Bollywood actors like Raj Kumar and Rakesh Roshan of yesteryear too donned a wig to make a mark in the world of cinema. But the real world is different from the reel world.

Well, this reminds me of a chapter I had in my 12th grade English textbook- ‘On the Face of it.’ My teacher once said while explaining the lesson that, “things are not what and how they appear. There are deeper details and different dimensions.” At that point of time I was impervious to whatever she said. Although she explained every parameter with a subtle approach, yet I never paid that much attention which the topic deserved. After all, who listens attentively in the class when there is so much gossip to discuss about.  Anyway, I don’t regret for not lending an ear to my teacher’s views because the thought that BEAUTY IS NOT ONLY SKIN DEEP wouldn’t have been imbibed in my head this strong if the following excerpt wouldn’t have come my way.

This account is a real life story of a person named Ali, who is a primary teacher in one of the remotest regions of Iran. He has done a ‘baldy and bold act’ to motivate his students. Rahimi, one of his students, got afflicted with a mysterious disease. It took a heavy toll on his health and all his hair fell. It badly affected the academic performance of Rahimi. He lost interest in studies. To avoid the barbs of his classmates, he stopped going to school. Ali got quite worried about Rahimi. He tried to console him in every possible way to revive his interest in studies. But his efforts did not pay off. Finally, he got his own head tonsured to equate Rahimi’s physical trait of baldness with that if his. This boosted the morale of Rahimi and he started going to school. But a problem still persisted. Rahimi still faced the barbs of his classmates. On realizing that his student is in desperate need of a healing touch, the sagacious and wise Ali provided him with his unique sense of positivity and optimism. He motivated all his students to get their heads shaved. With a lot of effort he was able to convince his students and all his students went bald. This cured Rahimi of depression and Ali gave a new life to him.

                                                   Beauty lies in heroic deeds.

So to attain the tag of a hero, physical beauty does not matter. It is the right attitude that counts. It is the spirit to do something for those who are in the whirlpool of woes that makes a hero out of an ordinary man. We need to rise above the superficial perception of judging a person based upon his physical appearance and attributes. In nutshell, things are generally different and deeper as compared to how they appear and look on the surface. Handsome is, to use a cliche, that handsome does.

PS: Let me be very clear about this. I don’t intend to wear a facade and preach like a soothsayer just for the sake of writing a blog. I am certainly not promoting that looking good and dressing up is something piffle. The motive of penning down this article was to convey that these materialistic things are bric-a-brac. So, with a better presence of mind, make choices which are good and appropriate for you. 🙂


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