Hope… Despair no more!



My country has yet to witness the glimpse,
Of an enchanting flowering season and that wind,
Which would be flowing on the rhythm of changing scenes,
Penetrating through the false promises of our dreams.

For how long can we keep on believing and watching?
These foul actions which are again and again snatching,
The colorful and bright future of the massive number,
Whose childhood is made to forever slumber.

When a large number of dream makers,
Oh yes! I am addressing you the bribe takers,
You all only pledge to secure your vote banks,
But patriotism is what you lack.

You divide the people on caste and religion basis,
Without even thinking what every Indian faces,
Selfishly, you dip your corrupt hands,
Into a sea where only and only losers stand.

What a pity is for a nation,
With a strong army and a huge young generation,
Hopelessly looking at the game of enemies,
Within our own land, borders and union territories.

Both the outer and inner enemies,
Are busy preparing war like scenes,
These threats to the nation are very vicious,
Sometimes in the disguise of a politician.

When my nation forms the soul of purest liberty,
Vivid and meet knowledge’s growing beauty,
Rapid the patriotism and jump on your feet,
On circles of national integration dwell and breath!


This poem is very special for me. It was my first poem which made people appreciate my work and won me two prizes.


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