…… And the idea struck!


It was a fine Sunday morning with the birds chirping and the leaves of the nearby tree swirling to the tunes of the wind. I, like any other day, was sitting in the balcony with a cup of coffee and was reading the newspaper. And what can anyone expect the latter to be packed with other than journalists reporting madcaply about assaults, murders, corruption, rapes, sexist comments of politicians (‘Reverend’ Mr. Mulayam Singh in particular) and of course the hot topics now-a-days → IPL and elections. Sick by the monotonous semblance, I decided to log in to my facebook account.

After replying to all the inbox messages and checking out the notifications, I scrolled down to my news feed to check what’s new on the pages I’ve liked on the website. Soon something grabbed my attention- ‘The Anonymous Writer’. A page that claims to provide a platform to young, aspiring writers to showcase their talent to the masses. Though most of the posts on the page are romantic tragedies which follow Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V format.

Actually it was not the page which stimulated me but a wall post by a regular reader on the same which said, “This page is doing a great job. It would be better if youngsters come out with other genres too.” And by the latter sentence he axiomatically meant that stop this romantic crap!

Finding a good opportunity to voice against male chauvinism, I drafted https://mamtadagar1896.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/of-course-you-cant-youre-a-woman/   and sent it to the admin of the page. After that he and I had a good debate on almost every line I penned down. You must be thinking that how I came to know that he is a guy. A person ready to fight on every word I wrote could only be an egoistic man traumatized by my write-up. Wasn’t that obvious?

Anyway, so as I expected after the hot discussion we had on the topic, he said a No to my article in the politest manner possible. Feeling dejected, I could only say ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan!’ (My India is great!) I very badly wanted a medium through which I could interact with people with the same insight. …And then the idea struck!. ‘Why not create a blog of your own?’ And thus I ended up creating https://mamtadagar1896.wordpress.com/ where I could find worthy people like http://ecogrrl.net/ talk on topics like feminism, sexism and patriarchal society.

So my experience clearly illustrates that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ But it wasn’t an invention afterall. Was it?


3 thoughts on “…… And the idea struck!

    1. Yes completely. I never ignore the good things men do. Its good to see that our PM is taking steps towards women safety- a man in real. And I agree with your stats. Just 30%. A poor percentage though. It should be atleast 60% to say that yes, we have safe roads for women in our country.


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